Chicago Aerial Arts

Class Descriptions & Pre-Requisites

Kids (6-12) & Teens (13-17)

Kids & Teen classes start with a warm up and stretch. We will then teach kids basic tumbling & each week the students will work on a different aerial apparatus including aerial silks, hammock, trapeze and lyra. (60 min) 

Adult Aerial Fitness

Aerial fitness combines strength, flexibility, and grace in a dynamic workout that takes place suspended in the air. Utilizing aerial silks, hammocks, Lyras & ground exercises, participants engage in a series of movements that challenge the entire body while defying gravity. Aerial fitness offers a unique opportunity to build core strength, improve balance, and increase overall agility. (60 min)

Adult Aerial Hammock

Aerial Hammock (also known as Aerial Sling) is a simple loop of fabric with endless possibilities. For beginners, aerial Hammock is often more accessible than aerial silks and a great place to start your aerial journey. For experienced aerialists, aerial Hammock offers mind-boggling fabric theory possibilities! Each class focuses on sequencing & choreography that is revisited over time. (60 min)

Level 1 Hammock

No Pre-Reqs

Level 2 Hammock

-Understanding of level 1 theories in the loop series circus sits stacks, stag circus sit, & hip key stacks.
-Understanding of level 1 standing theories including closed & open Leona roll up
-10 sit ups from knee hang in bottom loop
-Ability to invert into hammock from loop from standing with legs straight
-Ability to climb up into a circus sit easily
-Pull over from ground
-Good body awareness

Level 3 Hammock

-All level 1-2 prerequisites
-20 second bent & straight arm hang with knees lifted
-30 second front balance
-Straddle or tuck inversion from ground
-Invert from bent arm hang with feet on the ground
-Pull over from bent arm hang with no feet on the ground
-Georgia twist/cross back straddle with clean inversion

Level 4 Hammock

 -All of level 1-3 prerequisites
-Ability to climb on both sides (under and over wrap)
-Ability to put foot lock on in the air
-Ability to hold a straddle invert & move easily through our inversion series
-Straight leg straddle inversion no feet on ground
-Ability to invert multiple times without coming down
-Understanding of drop theory in all directions

Adult Lyra

 The Lyra (also known as the aerial hoopor aerial ring) is a circular steel apparatus (resembling a hula hoop) suspended from the ceiling, on which circus artists may perform aerial acrobatics. It can be used static, spinning, or swinging. This appartus often blends elements of spinning,  dynamics and beautiful poses to build a flow. Each class focuses on sequencing & choreography that is revisited over time. (60 min)

Level 1 Lyra

No Pre-Reqs

Level 2 Lyra

-Understanding of level 1 theories
-Clean straddle from ground (no tapping or jumping)
-Clean pull over from ground (no tapping or jumping)
-20 second bent arm hang
-20 second straight arm hang
-Tuck under top bar without tagging
-20 second front and back balance
-Bottom bar inversion series (stag, split, scorpion & pencil pike)
-Single knee hang on both sides 

Level 3 Lyra

-Understanding of level 2 theories
-All of level 2 pre-reqs -1 arm hang on each side
-Elbow hangs on each side
-Clean straddle from Hollow Body Hang(no tapping or jumping)
-Clean pull over from Hollow Body Hang(no tapping or jumping)
-Understanding of Beats and Swings

Adult Aerial Silks

Aerial Silks uses two lengths of fabric, secured from the ceiling, and involves using your graceful technique to climb and maneuver the silks.  This class focuses on fabric theory, climbs, inversions,  conditioning and aerial choreography/flow. Each class focuses on sequencing & choreography that is revisited over time. (60 min)

Level 1 Silks

 **We suggest 3 months prior experience in hammock level 1

Level 2 Silks

 -Ability to climb on both sides (under and over wrap)
-Ability to put 2 foot locks on in the air
-Straddle inversion no feet on ground
-Ability to hip key on both sides
-Straight arm hang 20 second
-Bent arm hang 20 seconds


Feeling a little stiff? Flexibility is a great class to loosen up your body. We will focus on back flexibility, splits,  middle splits and sometimes fun shapes or standing poses. This class will take place in our flexibility room and no aerial apparatus will be used. (60 min)


Static Trapeze is a bar connected to the ceiling by two ropes. In this class you will learn poses and sequences on and below the bar as well as on the ropes.  (60 min)